Copyright. Milanese Photography

Copyright. Milanese Photography

I fell in LOVE with weddings at a very early age when I was asked to be a flower girl. Watching the nuptials of Prince Charles and Princess Diana on my birthday with such intense amazement, I knew I was smitten with the elegance of it all. As a child I hosted countless parties featuring my dolls and stuffed animals! 

Since that day I was always excited to assist my parents when they entertained. While attending an etiquette class in 2nd grade and guidance from my mother, I quickly became the “go-to” person for friends wanting advice or assistance with planning events and eventually weddings. 

I spent years in the corporate world, but always knew I had a passion for designing and planning events. Eventually, I left sitting behind someone else's desk and decided to open La Fête Weddings and Events. The company was named in honor of my mother, who speaks fluent French and taught the language for many years. La Fête means “to celebrate” or “the celebration” in french. I love helping my clients create and develop events to celebrate special moments in their lives. In 2018, I decided to change the name of my company to J. Hill Events. Not only is it my name… I grew up in a family of five and everyone’s name begins with the letter “J”… even my dog, Jacques Pierre! I’m very close to my family and was excited about the change since my family has been a huge support and inspiration for me and my career.

It is my passion to see the smile on my clients’ faces when they walk into the room designed with their vision and our execution. It is most fulfilling to see each client enjoying themselves with their family and friends and not worrying about the event details because they trusted me to ensure a beautiful celebration.

When I'm not planning and designing amazing events, I enjoy reading, listening to live music, traveling and spending time with family and friends.

I look forward to planning and designing your event!